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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  August 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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thank you for being with us here at 9:01 on saturday, august 20. you probably know especially if you have school-age kids. you are either back in school or looking at the first day of i am always sad at this time of year because i love summer. i wish it would continue on. >> today it will feel like summer. tomorrow may start feeling like a smidgen of fall. >> then there will be pumpkin flavored everything. >> right around the corner. temperatures outside feeling
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we are at 73 degrees and comfortably cool start. akron, canton in the mid-70s and we are headed to the upper 80s later this afternoon, nice and dry, but we have our eyes on the west. scattered showers and thunderstorms. that is headed in one direction and it is due east meaning that we are expecting increasing cl after lunch time. we will time out exactly when we see that and unfortunately if you plan on heading to downtown cleveland i think we will see some showers by gametime. we will talk about that in the next few minutes. pool time is not lost.
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turning to rio, the americans continue to add in the lead in metals and looking for more later today in the final full day of competition. while away from the games we are learning more about the investigation into for us swimmers to apparently lied about a late-night robbery. >> reporter: the international olympic committee has set up a disciplinary commission police are investigating charges against four swimmers who vandalized a restroom and applied to authorities telling them they were robbed at gunpoint. surveillance video and a written statement provides some details about what actually happened. he says security guards did pull their guns but only after teammate ryan lochte vandalized a sign and argued with them. now to the games where the women's relay team ran away
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completing the triple 333 gold medals in three consecutive olympic games. the american team finished third and was disqualified for an illegal baton exchange. the women got a gold in water polo. >> pinch me, is this real? metals later today as the us takes on spain and basketball. the boxer will take a swing at old which is the final full day of competition. they beat you are looking for something to do outside and this might be the inaugural
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festival. you are there even before the tenants are opening. what have you seen so far?>> reporter: we saw some artwork done by the students and now armando opened his tent for us and he is here. tell us about the journey which is extremely unique. class. >> fifth grade was my last our class and 9/11 happened and i was laid off and i kept hearing a voice and the boys said paint and now i'm doing is 14 years. >> reporter: talk to me about your creations.
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recycled copper, spray paint, aluminum if i am stepping on in the studio i will figure out a way to use it.>> reporter: some of the meanings behind them. >> this is recycled plasters, the black is roofing tar and the lines as an artist can be just lines they represent people that stand beside you and support you in your life and the other bring is your life. him. >> rt of chicago but where does this take your? >> i was in seattle and i drive everywhere so i will do 30 shows by the end of the year. this is a fun traveling job. i meet people and to hang out and all these great cities. >> reporter: how many did you say?>> reporter: -- >> this was 20 and i have 10 or
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>> reporter: thank you for being here. we want to let everyone know that these camps will be open at 11:00 and wraps up around 10 or 10:30 this evening. to show tomorrow is from 11 to five. tickets are $10. >> what a boost to the area. economic revenue and tourism. very cool. morning cedar fair has announced wilde water kingdom will close. they say it has been working with bainbridge township and the city to redevelop the land into something that would benefit the community. it used to be seaworld becoming the amusement park. >> shut down in 2007 and trenton kingdom has been
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police have released surveillance of a man that they say broke into a storage facility and drove off with more than $50,000 of tools. take a look at this video. it happened on monday night. this surveillance video shows him pulling up to the gate and breaking off the lock. like i said, he drove off with $54,000 worth of tools. >> wearing black gloves, black shirt and black pants and an orange backpack. he is a dark skinned black male with a shaved head and has a beard. >> the officer went on to say we will find you, rescue and prosecute you. jack riley has passed away. he was a familiar face on the bob newhart show. he played a counseling find on the show and voice a character on nickelodeon are tuned rugrats.
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seinfeld and different strokes. he was 80 years old. another sign of the future is the new amazon pickup that is because you can pick them up at amazon and akron. it is a customer service center. people can go there to pick up, drop off packages. it can cut back on delivery time because you can order online and pick up the next day. coming up, the zika virus s pregnant women to avoid a destination. a robert chose to hide from
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welcome back. the outbreak of zika in florida has spread. government officials announced five cases in popular miami beach. the virus is usually a danger only to unborn children, but industry.. edwards has that story.>> reporter: youthful miami beach now shrouded in a fog of mosquito repellent. for discussion or has announced by people there have been infected with the zika virus. >> we believe we have a new area where it is occurring. >> reporter: that is a 1/2 mile section of miami beach including south beach. because the infection and pregnant women can cause birth
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pregnant women should stay away from the impacted area. >> the key is pregnant women. pregnant women are at the greatest risk because of the serious birth defects. >> reporter: one concern is house he got will affect the $24 billion tourism industry. more than half of the hotels in miami-dade county are located in miami beach. >> walking around it certainly was a lot less tourists around.>> transmitters are mosquitoes. sanitation workers in miami are walking the streets going door to door stepping up efforts to rid the city of standing water. firefighters have made gains on a huge wildfire and california and more a vacuum ease are being allowed home.
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from 22% to 40% on friday. the white house says president. barack obama will visit louisiana on tuesday to survey the damage from flooding that forced thousands from their home and left 13 people dead. the damage is estimated to be at least $20 billion. more than 95,000 people have applied for federal aid. several people were injured fair in washington state friday. officials say a horse connected to a but the got spooked and ran through the fairgrounds. five people were injured, but three were taken to the hospital. the extent of the injuries is unknown at this time. police looking for domestic violence suspect in southern california found him in an unusual place. that is the dryer.
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and told the suspect had locked himself in the laundry room. when they did not find him there they believed he had fled. officers had one last thought and decided to look inside the dryer. they found him curled up and hiding. coming up, what is the most challenging gymnastics event? according to physics is the balance beam. next, we take a look at that. plus a beer is coming to downtown and what you need to know about the beer fast. michael, did you know we had a beer fast? >> i did not but i knew we had an indian game happening later on. 83 degrees by first pitch and a few scattered showers and thunderstorms by the night ending. we will talk about the cooldown by next week, coming up after
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have you seen rob portman's ads saying he's leading the fight against opioids? well here's what he's not telling you: rob portman actually voted against the funding needed for the program. that's right, portman voted against the funding. and as heroine ravaged our communities, rob portman voted twice for budgets rob portman: can't trust him to tell the truth, can't trust him to be for ohio.
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a performance by an athlete is brought to you by mercedes- benz. olympian won her second gold medal last night. her relating be great -- her relay team the great written. she adds this to the golds that
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wednesday. if i were standing i would do this next story on one leg, but i am not. balance is something that olympic athletes have mastered and it goes well beyond gymnastics. brandon simmons takes us into the science. >> reporter: balance plays a pa matches on the balance beam. they use this principle to stay on top of their game. it has to do with your center of balance. a person or object is stable as long as there center of gravity is lined up with their base of support. athletes can constantly adjust, but as soon as that is not over that support they fall. if i stand on one leg my body makes a slight adjustment to
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up. that is why if i stand with my body pressed street against this wall i cannot stand on one leg. the wall is preventing my body from making that adjustments. athletes can do things to make themselves more stable as they compete in their sport. you create more space over your center of gravity can balance. boxing and fencing footwork keep you stable by making a broad support base and constantly keeping your gravity lined up. if you lose balance in your opponent can mo when. the closer your center of balance is for support the more stable. sometimes the rules of the sport can restrain you. these athletes can perform all sorts of things on a piece of wood that is more narrow than your cell phone. >> how fun is that to realize how much of science goes into these games. >> i think those balance beams
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most people speak are about that white. >> and can you flip and do the backwards things? >> i can fall. >> that is what is so amazing is when you see how narrow that is and what they are doing. >> it is incredible. one place i wouldn't mind doing allen's beam is on the water because i know if i do fall- >> you will/right southwest from 10 to 15 kn. stirring up waves less than 2 feet. water temperatures upper 70s and if you are heading out here is what it looks like. temperatures at 78 degrees. 3:00 p.m. we are nearing that 90 degrees mark. with that humidity you will certainly feel that outside.
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here in downtown with water temperatures nearing 80 degrees. drive right now and the majority of the morning it will stay that way. you will notice off toward chicago and st. louis, the cold front is a long and ahead of that we are attracting the showers and thunderstorms. that will continue to force to the east and into northe lawns and request you won't have to wait too long. this will roll in around dinnertime. here is what it looks like, we will pick things up around lunchtime. a decent lunch break. if you will be out and about, notice around dinnertime that is when we see the showers and
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the future view is under doing this. i think we will see more widespread showers and thunderstorms early on your sunday morning. something to be aware of if you have any early sunday plans. if you are out the door for worship services we will see some storms. temperatures today mid-to upper 80s. grab that umbrella if you if the upper 80s has just not been your speed and you want 70s and sunshine, you won't have to wait too much longer. sunday afternoon looks a little bit better. monday and tuesday we are nice and drive. 70s and sunshine. >> we are talking beer. things are going great. when you see that forecast you
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cold beer outside. luckily this weekend is the best . joining me this craig johnson the evidence director. thank you for being here. peer test has been going on the past couple of years. it is usually in the winter. what is with the summer? >> we have been here for three years 11,000 attendees this year. we are excited to mix it up and have one outside. we are doing it on the rooftop. >> cleveland keeps getting written up as a beer town because of all the breweries. talk to me about who will be there. is it just local argue expand to others? >> it is all local and we bring in the best of the regional and
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morning and why? >> i brought our sponsor. local favorites that are here in cleveland and there are a couple of beers to try quickly. >> a sip at 9:30 in the morning. >> this is their summer seasonal. >> is it like wine? do y >> it is actually. it is a nice light refreshing beer. great on a hot summer day. >> i'm going to test more. >> this is a nice hand of blueberry at the finish. >> very cool. >> one last one. >> i have a driver.
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it is a light beer. very smooth. >> all of these are very summary and life. when people are at. fast are their tastes like this? do you get a whole bottle? >> you get a 5 ounce mini mode and you go over and tastes. it is just like the winter one, >> what other information to people need to know? >> 6:30 regular admission is 7:30. cleveland peer and you can purchase online and at the gate. >> thank you so much for being here. thanks so much. to another festival let's check
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opened up their tent for us. this is a lane and she makes this art. we will talk to her after the
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thank you for being with us. take a live look at the olympic flame in rio. we will say goodbye to rio tomorrow.
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competition and nbc will be covering every advance. we will have the highlights for you and the closing ceremonies. michael, i cannot tell you how many people are saying please hold off with the rain because there are so many events going on. >> i made as many phone calls as i can to keep mother nature, but i have been ignored and the to voicemail. here is what it looks like. if you suffer from allergies you may want to make sure you e . the majority of the day looks fantastic. notice off to the west all of that is pressing toward the east and will get here around dinnertime. that's when i think the best shot for showers and thunderstorms will be. we will top out at 87 degrees. it will feel close to 90.
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tired of the upper 80s and the low 90s. it gives me fall or winter. here is the good news. winter 122 days away. sorry to ruin your saturday. >> you put me in the panic mode. >> it's coming. let's savor summer a little bit longer. artists will fill the east bank of the flat. this weekend is the flats festival of the arts. she joins us on day two.>> reporter: good morning. i
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will want one of these. check out elaine. she makes these cigar boxes into purses as well as lamps and they are totally functioning. the light actually works. here with us this morning is elaine. she is the creator of these magnificent treasures. how did you choose these pieces? >> i have no idea. i have been doing this about 15 years. i started with the purses because i wanted one and could not find something i like so it has evolved into all of this.>> reporter: the irony of it, can you tell our viewers. >> i am an anti-smoker and nondrinker. >> reporter: where do you get
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made of? >> i have suppliers and i have great friends with bad habits so i get there empty bottles and i have suppliers for the boxes. >> reporter: how do you travel? tell me about you made it to cleveland, but this is a full- time job for you. >> i do about three or four it shows out-of-state at a time and i go home for three or four weeks. i have an rv with a dog.>> reporter: >> i decided a man would have build the lamps and these house lots of features. nothing is missed. everything works and there are a lot of extras.>> reporter: 75% recyclable? >> the for on the purses comes
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have an old pair of pants that i use. >> reporter: best of luck and congratulations. just to let everyone know all of the tenants will open at 11 and tonight closes around 10 and opens up tomorrow. >> i am gettin reputation. thank you. republican nominee donald trump is returning to northeast ohio to begin work week. we have learned he will speak at the arena and akron on monday. tickets are available on trump's website. doors will open at 4 pm.
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after hillary clinton spoke at a cleveland school. a federal judge has ordered hillary clinton to answer questions about her use of a private email server. the us district court judge issued the order friday as part of a long-running public records lawsuit filed by judicial watch. the fbi closed its investigation last month. the city of akron will be closing stre the slide the city event takes over. the closures are in place so event organizers can set up a 1000 foot waterslide in the streets. streets will be closed or restricted. there will also be road closures we want you to be aware of.
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i hope your saturday is going well. i have a check for those of you planning to come to downtown cleveland from the west. site 90 e. is closed between 490 and 77 over the bridge. it is not expected to reopen until 4 pm today because of the project. the detour is going to be 90 e. to 77 n. that will add between five to seven minutes to your drive. don't forget i am always here to answer your traffic questions. you can find me on social media. coming up next, it's been called one of the best wins in history. plus a local team may not be going for an olympic old metal
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cross the finish line will inspire you.
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good morning indians and jay's tonight at progressive field. last night seven weeks from the day that the indians beat the blue jays in toronto in 19
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streak. last night they beat they jay's and one of the great wins in franchise history. a magical night. fit for a king. he wanted to impress and he did. two runs allowed and the indians were down. why not add to the resume. his ninth homer of the season. deep to the right-center. it is not gone gets away. he is up, it is inside the park for a home run to win it. second two ever do that. indians when 3-2. they are 70- 50 and seven games up on the tigers.
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get set for the buccaneers. that will be coming up on friday night next week in tampa bay. you jackson said it is a big week for players. we have not seen them, but we have seen others hook up a few times on long balls. tonight to go a touchdown the hope is out there that the player of 2012 will show up. deep cct one of the best you have seen. >> [ inaudible ] >> today the final full day of competition in rio. don't forget the olympics down that starts at seven tonight.
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have a great weekend. >> i want to say one thing. >> we turned over everything. >> i want you to listen to me. >> i never told anyone to live. >> that's all i can say. >> these allegations are false. >> i don't know w
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welcome back. court teens participate in track and field than any high school sport. in such a competitive field a local team found a way to win medals on a national stage. >> in nationals i like it because there is a lot of competition.>> reporter:
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competitions over the years. seriously. a lot of races. the race at the junior olympics would be the biggest of his life. in the first turn he had to hurdle another runner that fell in front of him making his road that much harder. >> try to build up speed around the turns. >> reporter: he was prepared by a coach like no other. >> we skipped some races. >> reporter: his dad and together they are their own team. >> the first couple of years everyone wanted us to join teams and then everyone wants to join our team.>> reporter: he trains with his dad and his dad only lets him run about 20% focusing on technique not distance. >> it was not about doing a lot of miles it was about every week doing something that would make him better.>> reporter:
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for an olympic future. >> i would like to run for high school and college and of course the olympics. >> how inspiring? that has been the great hard to see others that are inspired by the olympics and the events taking place. >> did you watch him from jamaica? >> i cannot get enough of him. i read somewhere that scientists look at his stature in the way his body moves and i'm just sitting there impressed. >> and he is so fast. incredible to see. you are thinking i am going to a run. please feel free to pick me up in an uber because after the first half-mile i am not about
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temperatures this morning upper 70s and lots of sunshine. by lunchtime we are in the mid- 80s and you will feel that sticky air, eventually that will translate into scattered showers as temperatures approached near 90 degrees. by tonight right around dinnertime we see the rain and the thunderstorm. that will help cool things off. temperatures in the 70s outside water temperatures at 70 degrees. dry right now and unfortunately there is not the way we are going to stay. the scattered showers and thunderstorms. the six to 7:00 hour and that is when i want you to be weather aware. grab those umbrellas and you will notice we will pick things up at lunchtime and noticed the
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morning because we will call it mostly cloudy and eventually those clouds give way to the scattered showers and thunderstorms and some that fire up longneck cold front have the potential to be having at times producing lightning. it is almost a tropical thunderstorm with a lot of rainfall. that lingers through early tomorrow morning. if you are headed out the door to the worship service first thing, grab the umbrella. tomorrow afternoon we will have a nice window of dry times and and isolated sprinkle or to is possible tomorrow afternoon. this will be an overnight into early tomorrow morning event. near 90 degrees with scattered showers and thunderstorms after the 6:00 p.m. our.
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noticeably cooler and look at early next week even by monday -- next week it comes with sunshine. if you are looking for bright outdoor days you will have them. if you are looking to work in the garden. >> i am looking for a cam. yes i am. >> you don't need any more color of their. >> i know that. >> 122 days away from the first day of winter..stop it. everyone is mad at you now. let's look at the glass half full and count how many days we have left in summer and fall. >> i like this mentality. they call. trina is back with some moves to help you shape up your
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>> reporter: today we will be training arms. summertime we will get this party started. the very first exercise justin will grab this straight bar, bicep curl. get a couple of repetitions until i can point out some important parts. getting a nice full range of motion. set the bar down, we will crusher. that is for the triceps. you a few reps. she will take the bar down to her head elbows pointed up, full range of motion. that is your position. great exercise. the next will be a hammer curl.
9:51 am
it will add a little bit of thickness to your arms. let's get a few repetitions and. she brings that to the front. no swinging of the oboe, control your weight. the last one will be a triceps kickback. put one hand here. elbow high, for two counts. i want to show you two things. elbows say hi and lock that up. hold it for two counts. you will feel that all the way around. when you do this work through four rounds. equates that are reasonable and don't overdo it. make sure you go to trainer
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if you are headed out to the game today michael has a look at what kind of weather you will run into.
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today's medal count is brought you by university hospital and we're into the final weekend of the olympics. the united states is in the lead with 105 medals including 38 gold.
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>> it will be a lot of fun tomorrow. if you want to work on your triathlon skills it looks good at edgewater and other areas. if you are going to have downtown here is the forecast. by 7:00 we are still in the 80s with humidity and a chance for showers and thunderstorms. thank you for being with us this morning. remember you can check out the
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welcome. good saturday morning. here we are right next to one of brazil's most famous strands of sand, that beautiful atmosphere along copacabana beach. welcome again. eight hours of daytime coverage. i'm mike tirico. we'll get you trite to the


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